Easy Customize and Suitable Collaborate Team Tools

Customize your own business process, input task, categorize task using your own activity board, create your own role, personalize dashboard report, unlimmited project and file sharing.

  • Easy To Customize

    Completely tailor and customize even for unique or complex business process.

  • Dynamic Form

    Easy setting your display account based on job roles.

  • Kanban View

    Easier to monitor activity using activity board.

  • Real Time

    Keep your team in the know with the notifications delivered directly to any activity.

  • Design Workflow

    Flexibility build and change your own business flow as you need.

  • Web and mobile support

    Easy to load up your account using any devices anywhere.

Why Worksaurus
Team ?

  • Worksheet
  • Workflow
  • Type Kanban
  • Dashboard

Organize your team`s work in easy way.

Make your own business process with less code. Save more time and money.

We offer you some templates for your activity board. Choose one or make another. Intuitive and powerful interface.

Improve your team performance based on real-time and visual report.

Choose your perfect plan

  • Free

    A simple and powerful way
    to get things done.

    Rp. 0

    • Max 5 User
    • Standard Kanban
    • Standard Workflow
  • Pro

    App integration system
    overviews, and more security.

    Rp. 46.000

    • Custom Kanban
    • Custom Workflow
    • Custom Form Input
    • Free Settings & Configuration
  • Custom

    App integration system
    overviews, and more security.

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